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- Metalworking, including: turning (details up to diameter of 900mm and lenght of 6000mm), milling, drilling, grinding, sawing, pressing, bending, cutting, gear hobbing, broaching, slotting, etc.;

- Welding [MMA, GMAW, GTAW (+Al)], piling, gas and plasma cutting;

- Total and partial repairs of different assemblies, machines, production lines;

- Our repair staff covers planned and extraordinary repairs;

- Building particular modules and assemblies like entire machines as well;

- Performing 2D & 3D drafting documentation;

- Consulting activity.

And all this at competitive prices!

3000 Vratza
17 "Rakovsky" str., ap.11

tel.: ++359 887 731062
tel./fax: ++359 92 624466




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